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Our Story

Stanford Trustworthy AI is a research group affiliated with the Stanford Vision Lab, focused on technically novel research projects which advance the mission of producing trustworthy artificial intelligence. Our group was founded in 2021 in response to a surge of both academic and popular interest in the privacy, robustness, fairness, and interpretability of deep learning models. 

Join Us!

Stanford Trustworthy AI is actively seeking applicants at the undergraduate and graduate levels. PhD students should first be admitted through the Stanford Computer Science Department. Undergraduate and MS students who are interested in joining STAI as research assistants can contact Daniel Wu, Alan Luo, and Ehsan Adeli. Students are expected to 

  • Commit to 10+ hours a week, for at least a year
  • Have familiarity with Python
  • Be experienced with a subset of Computer Vision, Security, Machine Learning, or Ethics
  • Possess an avid interest in making AI trustworthy

The most important qualification is interest in doing research, and we encourage you to apply even if you have not had prior research experience or have limited experience with AI. We strive to be a diverse and inclusive group that is open to students from all backgrounds.